February 19, 2019

On this date, the CCP of the Post-Graduate Program in Mechanical Engineering call upon all the advisers who want to submit applications for the scholarship for regular students of masters or doctorates. The application must be submitted through the PPGEM System, simply by including Scholarship Work Plan and Curriculum Lattes. In the case of a master’s degree application, the undergrate scores must be included, and in the case of a doctoral student the master’s degree scores. The deadline for submission of candidates will be from February 19 to 28, 2019 at 17:00.

Students will be graded according to the following criteria:

  1. Analysis of the work plan, for which a grade will be awarded by CADIS (Committee on Student Activity);
  2. Analysis of the student’s scores and recent publications (last 5 years) that appear in his/her work plan (in addition to a note obtained in the entrance exam for new students in the master’s program), which will be awarded a grade by CADIS;
  3. Students’ scholarships with an unsatisfactory opinion in the annual report will not be renewed, following the CADIS evaluation procedure or a failure in the course in which they are enrolled.

Thus, each student will have an average that in turn will be weighted according to the number of students of each advisor following the following criteria:

  1. Multiplicative factor 1.0 if the respective advisor has up to two students with a program scholarship;
  2. Multiplicative factor of 0.8 if the respective advisor has 3 students with a program scholarship;
  3. Multiplicative factor 0.65 if the respective advisor has 4 students with a program scholarship;
  4. Multiplicative factor of 0.5 if the respective advisor has 5 students with program scholarship.

In any case, the cut grade for the scholarship grant will be 5, 0, so candidates with a note, whether in the work plan or individual performance, smaller than this, will be automatically disqualified.

We emphasize that the required work plan has the function of being a document of entry and follow-up of the scholarship holder, allowing CADIS and CCP to have an accurate view of what the student body does. Thus, articles, qualification texts, etc. will not be accepted. But a succinct document (for which excerpts from other documents in Portuguese can contribute) with the following content:

  1. Identification of the student and his / her supervisor, indicating the course (masters or doctorate) and the year of first enrollment in PPGEM;
  2. Title (tentative) dissertation work or thesis;
  3. Introduction by positioning the work on its academic and technological importance, as well as the expected results;
  4. Objective (one paragraph or at most two, clearly stating what the contribution of the proposed work will be);
  5. Methodology (how the student intends to achieve the intended results and what activities are relevant to achieve these objectives);
  6. Annual timetable (which will be done, including credits to be obtained in disciplines, within the next 12 months from the award date of the scholarship);
  7. General schedule (what will be done until the title, including the activities of the previous item, exchanges, sandwich and other scheduled activities);
  8. Bibliography used;
  9. Signature of the student and his advisor.

The research plan should be concise and objective, containing around 10 pages.


The student who has already had the previous full scholarship term (Masters – 24 months and Doctorate – 48 months), will not be able to enroll again, according to the rules of the CAPES and CNPq development agencies.

CCP – Post-graduation Program in Mechanical Engineering